Upcoming Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training in Bali!

Alchemy of Yoga is leading a Yoga Teacher Training RYT-200 at Kubu Bali Baik, September 3-24, 2017!

$600 off the first 6 trainees who sign up!

Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training is wholeheartedly dedicated to the art of self-study through SELF-exploration.Consider this the ultimate adventure! A Hero’s Journey that will both challenge and encourage you to embrace your potential and awaken your inner power. This training will transform your doubts and ignite your passion for life. Happiness becomes your natural alchemy.

Upon completion, you will be prepared to design and confidently lead intelligent alignment driven Vinyasa, Hatha, and Restorative classes, all with your own signature style. You will also have the skill to adapt to varied fitness and experience levels of your students.

You will graduate as a Happiness Ambassador ready to authentically and effectively inspire others!


Foundational Alchemy – Rooting into Yourself & Manifestation


Emotional Alchemy  Tapping into Your Potential, Living in Possibility


Physical Alchemy – Discovering Your Optimal Performance


Mental Alchemy – Unlearning the Obstacles to Your Happiness

avatar__air_nation_symbol_by_juubi156ETHER + SPACE:

Spiritual Alchemy – Transformation into Living & Teaching Yoga

Mindful Flow

Class Plan Created By Sarah Erter

Physical Focus || Chest expansion + heart opening [anahata chakra]

Spiritual Focus || Connection to self + world around us

In its simplest definition, yoga is connection to ourselves and the world around us. In a yoga practice, as you move + breathe, the overall energy is heightened within you and around you. It can be easy to be pulled away from this connection during your day – or even during your yoga or meditation practice – but it is in your practice of noticing and returning through mindfulness that you are brought back to this connection. As you emerge from your yoga practice and return to your day, see what happens within you and around you as the vibrations you created continue to flow within and ripple throughout your surroundings.

Pilgrimage Pose || Dhanurasana [bow]

Class Length || 60-75m.

Download the full class plan here.


Chair Yoga – Mindful Flow for the Office

Class Plan Created By Sarah Erter

Physical Focus || Shoulders + Hip Flexors

Spiritual Focus || Connection

The simplest definition of yoga is connection. It can be easy to lose touch with  connection to ourselves and our inner guidance as we move throughout our day. This practice reminds us that this connection is always available to re-discover.

Pilgrimage Pose || Supported Warrior I + Standing Lunge

Class Length || 15 m. [easily adaptable]

This sequence is ideal for a 15-minute midday practice in the office or the home, with the optional use of a chair for support. The length of this sequence can be easily adapted by repeating one or more of the waves.

Download the full class plan here.


No Muck, No Lotus – Class Plan

Class Plan created by Betsy Shilling

Physical Focus || Core/Balance
Spiritual Focus || No muck, no lotus
Peak Pose || Eka Pada Bakasana, Titibasana
Class Length || 75 min

We all have parts of ourselves that we don’t want to see or acknowledge, and we let ourselves hide from anything that brings up those insecurities and threatens exposure of our shame or fear to self or other. Have you noticed how often these parts of our selves threaten to make an appearance and how quickly fear and aversion trigger avoidance? What if instead of running and hiding, we invited our aversions and insecurities into the fore and willingly danced with our shadows? Could we see ourselves with more clarity, embrace truth, engage in right action, and find greater peace and wholeness within ourselves? Through mindfulness and steady effort, could our shadows be transformed to light? In this safe-healing space, I’m offering a practice that will have plenty of opportunities for just that. During our time together will likely experience frustration, agitation, impatience and challenge, and as a result, there may be moments when you want to leave physically or detach mentally. The path to wholeness requires an open-eyed journey through the shadows. If you can stay, breathe, and soften, you will come out the other end empowered. There is no lotus without muck.

Download the full class plan here.  

Alignment to Prana Vayus – Class Plan

Class Plan created by Betsy Shilling

Physical Focus || Hips, Shoulders, Core
Spiritual Focus || Vayus, Community
Peak Pose || Ekapada Koundinyasana 1 & Marichyasana A
Class Length || 75 min

Feel the four corners of each foot growing roots down into the earth. Inhale to draw up the energy from the earth, through your central channel. Exhale, sending this energy out the crown of your head, and radiating out in all directions. Inhale from the crown of your head downward, sending the energy of your Higher Self through your mind, heart, and into every atom of your physical body. Exhale this goodness back into the earth through your feet and let it spread out in all directions.

Whatever intention you set, boil it down to one word. Offer this one-word intention first for yourself, then for each other, then for all beings everywhere. What is truly Good for one, is truly Good for all. If you want peace, offer peace, etc.

In the postures, your 1st breath refines your physical alignment, your 2nd breath is to tune into the vayus and refine your energetic alignment, your final breath(s) is to remember and grow your intention.

Download the full class plan here.  

Visshudha (5th Chakra) – Class Plan

created by Laura Hand, http://www.wayfaringyogi.com

Physical Focus ||  Backbends + Pratikriyasana
Energetic Focus || Visshudha, Communication
Pilgrimage Pose || natarajasana
Class Length ||
60-75 min

“All of the delicate shades of feeling are a result of communication” – Travels with Charley, John Steinbeck.

We are able to more fully embrace our experience when we can articulate our inner world through art of language.  Visshudha is our communication center, it is where we feel connected, a sense of spiritual communion that happens when we feel truly understood. Consider through this practice as a dance between the throat closed (self-reflection) and the throat open (self-expression).
View/download full class plan.

Playlist by Alchemy of Yoga’s own Sarah Erter.

New Moon De-Stimulation – Class Plan

created by Laura Hand, http://www.wayfaringyogi.com

Physical Focus ||  Vira Flow
Energetic Focus || New Moon De-stimulation
Pilgrimage Pose || bakasana, parsva bakasana
Class Length ||
60-75 min

In our modern lifestyle, we are constantly overriding our natural circadian rhythms.  We have screens and machines that keep us plugged in and powered on.  It can leave the body feeling drained and disconnected.  Through your own movement alchemy, begin to break the pattern of the overstimulated mind, be not distracted as you connect faithfully to the breath. With the natural dearth of light in the night sky as the new moon darkness is upon us, turn inward toward the sanctuary of your practice and embrace the same infinite space within that exists without.

View/download the full class plan.