Alignment to Prana Vayus – Class Plan

Class Plan created by Betsy Shilling

Physical Focus || Hips, Shoulders, Core
Spiritual Focus || Vayus, Community
Peak Pose || Ekapada Koundinyasana 1 & Marichyasana A
Class Length || 75 min

Feel the four corners of each foot growing roots down into the earth. Inhale to draw up the energy from the earth, through your central channel. Exhale, sending this energy out the crown of your head, and radiating out in all directions. Inhale from the crown of your head downward, sending the energy of your Higher Self through your mind, heart, and into every atom of your physical body. Exhale this goodness back into the earth through your feet and let it spread out in all directions.

Whatever intention you set, boil it down to one word. Offer this one-word intention first for yourself, then for each other, then for all beings everywhere. What is truly Good for one, is truly Good for all. If you want peace, offer peace, etc.

In the postures, your 1st breath refines your physical alignment, your 2nd breath is to tune into the vayus and refine your energetic alignment, your final breath(s) is to remember and grow your intention.

Download the full class plan here.  


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