No Muck, No Lotus – Class Plan

Class Plan created by Betsy Shilling

Physical Focus || Core/Balance
Spiritual Focus || No muck, no lotus
Peak Pose || Eka Pada Bakasana, Titibasana
Class Length || 75 min

We all have parts of ourselves that we don’t want to see or acknowledge, and we let ourselves hide from anything that brings up those insecurities and threatens exposure of our shame or fear to self or other. Have you noticed how often these parts of our selves threaten to make an appearance and how quickly fear and aversion trigger avoidance? What if instead of running and hiding, we invited our aversions and insecurities into the fore and willingly danced with our shadows? Could we see ourselves with more clarity, embrace truth, engage in right action, and find greater peace and wholeness within ourselves? Through mindfulness and steady effort, could our shadows be transformed to light? In this safe-healing space, I’m offering a practice that will have plenty of opportunities for just that. During our time together will likely experience frustration, agitation, impatience and challenge, and as a result, there may be moments when you want to leave physically or detach mentally. The path to wholeness requires an open-eyed journey through the shadows. If you can stay, breathe, and soften, you will come out the other end empowered. There is no lotus without muck.

Download the full class plan here.  


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