Visshudha (5th Chakra) – Class Plan

created by Laura Hand, www.wayfaringyogi.com Physical Focus ||  Backbends + Pratikriyasana Energetic Focus || Visshudha, Communication Pilgrimage Pose || natarajasana Class Length || 60-75 min “All of the delicate shades of feeling are a result of communication” – Travels with Charley, John Steinbeck. We are able to more fully embrace our experience when we can […]

New Moon De-Stimulation – Class Plan

created by Laura Hand, www.wayfaringyogi.com Physical Focus ||  Vira Flow Energetic Focus || New Moon De-stimulation Pilgrimage Pose || bakasana, parsva bakasana Class Length || 60-75 min In our modern lifestyle, we are constantly overriding our natural circadian rhythms.  We have screens and machines that keep us plugged in and powered on.  It can leave […]

Core/Agni – Class Plan

created by Nancy Lea Physical Focus ||  Core Energetic Focus || Agni/3rd Chakra Peak Pose || arm balance, kapalabhati breath Class Length || 60-75 min Agni: Digestive fire, awaken energy at the naval center. 3rd Chakra (Manipura): Our power center (action and energy); governs self confidence, self esteem and ego; regulates digestion and metabolism. Mantra: […]

Freedom – Class Plan

created by Laura Hand, wayfaringyogi.com Physical Focus || Hip Opening/Balance Spiritual Focus || Get in the NOW. Pilgrimage Pose || eka pada galavasana Class Length || 60 min Re-connect with the earth for stability in balance postures, change the thinking from ground up, “Freedom is where my feet are.” –Erin Lanahan Any time your mind […]