Stop Forgetting Yourself

By Silvia Mordini In Sanskrit the word Purna means wholeness. It is the concept of perfection but not the American view of perfect, it more correctly translates to imperfectly perfect, or otherwise complete. This is a beautiful reframing of what feeling perfect really means. Implied in maintaining this balance is the active practice of remembering […]

Alchemy of Balance: Using Chakras and Chanting

Each day, I ask myself “How do I maintain balance in order to live my best day ever?” As much as I try to stay balanced, I have learned that I can easily lose it. Balance may be easy to find, but it is hard to sustain. This is because we are the only ones […]

How Yoga Training Heals your Life

The desire to begin to heal oneself from the inside out is such a beautiful start to a life-time devoted to blissful happiness and self-discovery. It is so wonderful to yearn for healing, it is the beginning of deep and powerful change, but so many of us stop there. We dream of it, we long […]

Yoga and Meditation Ritual for Libra Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

Wowheeeee what an energetically powerful week this is! With the Equinox, Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse all landing in the same week. This, my dear soul, is the absolute best time to receive support in shedding the old, letting go of old habits and patterns and releasing it to return back to wholeness. As the […]

Alchemy Alumni Feature

Alchemy of Yoga Alumni Feature:¬†Danielle Kurtz Danielle has been practicing and sharing her love of yoga for over 20 years with her friends and family. She believes that yoga has magic to offer everyone and gives us access to a calmness and radiance that is our true divine nature. She teaches a mindful, gentle vinyasa […]

Energetically Protecting Yourself Through Vulnerable Times

When we put ourselves out there for the world to see, taking that big leap of faith or when we open ourselves up to let love in we come into a state of vulnerability. We become completely exposed, opening up our hearts to others as we reveal our truth, speaking and doing what feels in […]

Chakra Talk: The foundation for Happiness and Productivity

I stood before the waves, my feet sinking into the softness of the sand, rooting down into the earth as I watched the sun set beneath the vast endless ocean. As my feet sank I became aware of this physical and energetic grounding into the earth, sinking into support. This beautiful surrender to the here […]