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Alchemy of Yoga Alumni Feature: Danielle Kurtz


Danielle has been practicing and sharing her love of yoga for over 20 years with her friends and family. She believes that yoga has magic to offer everyone and gives us access to a calmness and radiance that is our true divine nature. She teaches a mindful, gentle vinyasa that encourages self-love and the wisdom of the body to emerge.

She is a 200 hour RYT certified yoga teacher with Alchemy of Yoga and is currently deepening her meditation skills in a year long shamanism studies immersion with Alisa Sylling at Awake in Joy. She is also a master level certified Reiki Practitioner and offers private in person and distant healing sessions in the Seattle area. In addition, Danielle has completed a teacher training course with a focus on Yin Yoga and the Energy Body, as well as multiple immersions on the Chakras and Yoga.

On Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training and the Mission to Teach Peace: “During teacher training, I became very clear of what my mission was and what it was about yoga that brought me joy and inspired me to share with others. My purpose is to hold space so that each person can experience more of the light and love that they truly are and then ground it deep into their bodies to walk through this life with.  I believe in my heart it is what we are all here for.  Self-Love is a huge part of what I am holding space for.  I want people to feel safe to learn how to love all aspects of themselves and change their stories towards their physical bodies and past experiences.  Our cells are listening to our every thought and responding.  What happens when we start to change the conversation towards the shoulder that hurts, for example, and start to use our breath to love and to listen to the lessons it holds for us? How can we be more peaceful and loving towards ourselves in each and every moment? This is my own constant practice and so far there hasn’t been a class I’ve taught where I haven’t incorporated this inquiry in some way.  The subtle body energy experience during my own yoga practice inspired me to focus on the chakras in my yoga teaching and also become a reiki practitioner. Teacher Training with Silvia gave me the confidence to continue to pursue what sparks joy in my life and how to teach from my heart.  I will be forever grateful for the experience, the teachers, my kula and to my own willingness to show up for what the teachings had to offer me at that point in my life”


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