How Yoga Training Heals your Life


The desire to begin to heal oneself from the inside out is such a beautiful start to a life-time devoted to blissful happiness and self-discovery. It is so wonderful to yearn for healing, it is the beginning of deep and powerful change, but so many of us stop there. We dream of it, we long for it but we don’t know where to start or how. It’s a huge step into an unknown world and to begin a deeply healing journey in the same place where we created a life-time of beliefs and old patterns that do not serve us, oh boy can it be tough!

Knowing that we want to heal, knowing that we deserve happiness and feeling that we were meant for something greater is a beautiful knowing. But it can be even more sticky than when we didn’t know because we have the longing but we don’t have the support, guidance or direction. Through yoga we start to feel into this. It becomes clear where we are limiting ourselves. But it can also be very lonely and confusing.

This is where we come in. This is our purpose and our dharma. To create sacred healing space for you, to take you away from the environment where these patterns were created so we can help you withdraw from these patterns and see clearly.

Our teacher training is not just for those that want to be teachers. It is for those that want to take a quantum leap in their healing and set yoga as their foundation to bliss and happiness. It really is the root to your evolution to be your highest, best Self. We combine self study, the study of the sutras as the guide to happiness, energy healing, meditation and the physical practice of yoga which helps us physically move through emotional and mental patterns that no longer serve us.

We carefully research, experience and choose peaceful and healing locations with high vibing energy and create the structure for you to find your own flow of happiness. We work one on one with each student in our programs as everyone’s journey is so unique and different. We cater for your healing, we listen and see your challenges and we help you move through them to live your heart’s desires and purpose.

Our support is ongoing, a lifetime connection beyond our training and we also connect you to our tribe of global soul brothers and sisters so you continue to thrive and integrate healing practices into your home life.

If you want support, if you want guidance, if you are ready to claim your happiness and transform we would be honored to hold sacred space for you.

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