Yoga and Meditation Ritual for Libra Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse


Wowheeeee what an energetically powerful week this is! With the Equinox, Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse all landing in the same week. This, my dear soul, is the absolute best time to receive support in shedding the old, letting go of old habits and patterns and releasing it to return back to wholeness.

As the Full Moon illuminates into its full beauty it moves into Libra. Before we go into all the juicy potent energies of this cycle we need to firstly acknowledge the Lunar Eclipse. The eclipse adds more potency to the full moon, bringing old patterns that no longer serve us into awareness. This is that sticky point you may be feeling, as we have to become aware of these complexes within ourselves in order to release them.

The floodgates of the eclipse have boomed open and all sorts of emotions and shadows are flooding into our awareness. This can feel super sticky and possibly have you feeling like your on the edge of a negative spiral.  During this time, we must EMBRACE our whole self, the “good and bad, positive and negative, loving and hateful, accepting and impatient”. Whatever it is, it is part of us being human, part of us as a whole and we must learn to accept our whole Self. This doesn’t mean allowing the spite, anger, fear or negativity to rule over the positive, but it is gently accepting with compassion that it is one of many shades of our unique expression. It is part of our eternal growth to continue to choose love over fear on many layers of depth. We must learn how to paint our lives beautifully by dipping our paintbrush in all the colours of our expression, we must harness the darker shades to bring out our rainbow colours with breath taking boldness.

As we accept ourselves and our circumstances around us we come to realise that we are the creator of our lives, not the victim. The energies building with Saturn coming into retrograde may have caused you to feel frustrated, anxious, stuck and riding on a stagnant wave of low vibration. We may feel that our high vibing wave is coming to an end and instead of forcing it to continue rolling, we need to sit back and accept the different waves of energy in life. Cut yourself some slack and surrender to these flows  “Activity is followed by exhaustion, progress by inertia, excitement by quiet repose”. We are the creator of our lives by being in control of how we respond to things outside of our control, including this vast ocean of energy within and around us. There is a beautiful pattern to these ebs and flows of life, we need to move with them, not against. Allow them to serve their purpose through you, become a channel for these energies so you can serve your highest purpose.

Libra calls us to bring balance (sign of the scales) and relates to truth, of ourselves and our purpose, and finding harmony in interconnection, while the Sun in Aries initiates a deep calling for this collective balance. We no longer have the mentality of “each man for himself” but the understanding of what happens to me, happens to you, happens to us. We must now begin to recognise that each feeling we have is a collective feeling and energy of the universe. Libra calls us to find balance in this perspective. While having an open heart and understanding that we are all one, all birthed from the same great source of energy, each of us wanting to be loved, wanting to be happy, wanting peace within and without; we must also find the balance of being an individual in this collective consciousness. We need to find balance within this oneness to look after the Self and realise we are an individual, a unique expression of consciousness and we need to set our boundaries on our own path of evolution. We each have a unique and Divine purpose and when we follow our hearts path we become a collective, we become more connected to Self, to each other and to our beautiful Mamma Earth.

Healing Ritual

♥ Yoga and Meditation: This Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse is very much about acknowledging our dark side and accepting it totally. Yoga is such a beautiful way to embody and channel these energies into your being through breath, intention and movement. Move slow. Go deep into your tight spots and linger there for 3 breaths longer than you feel comfortable to. Explore your body, your aches and pains and sit with them in meditation. Let go of the chattering mind and instead surrender inward with the intention of receiving wisdom from within. Your body contains your life force energy and has all the answers you are seeking. Use your practice as a gateway to the flourishing garden of wisdom within your subtle energies.

♥ Shiva Mantra: Shiva, the Cosmic Dancer, presides over destructive energies, which break up the universe at the end of each age. This process allows the old to make way for the new. In a more personal sense, it is Shiva’s energy by which one’s lower nature is destroyed, making way for growth. Something must end so a beginning can be initiated.

Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya
Shivaya Namah, Shivaya Namah Om

We would love to hear what you’re up to for this full moon. Me? I will be sitting in circle, flowing, breathing, chanting  with my dear soul sisters.

Happy Libra Full Moon beautiful souls <3


Reference Mystic Mamma


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