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LoveYourBrain Foundation was established by brothers, Kevin Pearce and Adam Pearce, in 2014. This marked the fourth year since Kevin Pearce suffered a near fatal traumatic brain injury while training for the 2010 winter Olympics. Kevin’s remarkable road to recovery has inspired millions through the HBO documentary “The Crash Reel,” Kevin’s speaking engagements, and now, through the programs pioneered by the LoveYourBrain Foundation.

LoveYourBrain Foundation is a social-profit organization that aims to
improve the quality of life for people affected by traumatic brain injury (TBI)
and raise awareness about the importance of brain health. The foundation’s message — LoveYourBrain—embodies our positive approach to brain injury prevention, recovery, and health.

The LYB Yoga Program supports people who have experienced a TBI – from concussion to severe injury – and their caregivers to participate in affordable yoga and meditation classes tailored to their specific needs. LYB is partnering with select yoga studios and wellness centers across the US to offer their program. LYB’s goal is to provide all TBI survivors with an opportunity to improve and restore their physical and emotional wellbeing through yoga and meditation.

LYB develops programs and experiences that integrate mindfulness and movement to help people protect and nourish the brain. LYB believes these efforts will lead to a healthy, happier world.



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