#TeachPeace: Bring Healing Yoga to Uganda


The ultimate vision of Alchemy of Yoga is to #TeachPeace so that the reverberations of our practice  create a more gentle and peaceful world. Lindsey Platt embodies this vision through her amazing volunteer efforts to bring yoga + healing to the youth of East Africa. Her dream is to complete Teacher Training with Alchemy of Yoga this summer in Costa Rica so that she can return to East Africa to continue teaching yoga, which has become a central form of healing to many of the youth whose lives she has touched.

“Living in one of the most volatile regions in the world, entrenched with violence, war, tribal feuds, and more, I truly believe your teachings could make a monumental difference in the future of East Africa. I believe one day there will be men standing, facing one another in war who will think, “the light in me acknowledges the light in you,” and they will put down the gun. “


Here’s what Lindsey says about her journey:

My name is Lindsey Platt and for the past seven years, I have been practicing yoga. This journey has led me through periods of self discovery, inner peace, and emotional healing. Two years ago, I moved to Uganda, in East Africa, to work with an organization that provides housing, healing, and education to girls and boys who have experienced homelessness, sexual exploitation, and more. In the past year, I have started teaching yoga to our youth and have been amazed at the impact it has had on their lives!

lindseyplatt.jpgAlong with personal and spiritual desires, I want to complete yoga teacher training in order to better facilitate yoga as an art, creative outlet, and form of healing to our youth who count on yoga as an essential part of their healing journey. It’s incredible to see 19 year old boys who have been on the streets for years embracing lion’s breath in down dog as well as child’s pose! Living in one of the most volatile regions in the world, I believe yoga could make a monumental difference in bringing peace to East Africa.

Click here to read more of Lindsey’s story and support her to manifest her vision.




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