Energetically Protecting Yourself Through Vulnerable Times


When we put ourselves out there for the world to see, taking that big leap of faith or when we open ourselves up to let love in we come into a state of vulnerability. We become completely exposed, opening up our hearts to others as we reveal our truth, speaking and doing what feels in alignment with us. This takes tremendous guts and if you know the feeling I deeply commend you.

Sometimes it can be uncomfortable, sometimes it is scary, taking that leap of faith we soar for our dreams but we also have that risk of falling, of being deeply hurt, criticized or judged.

The more I open up my heart and put myself out there in all aspects of life the more I feel deeply called to also protect myself.


With self-love. Believing in myself and knowing my worth.

If you are putting yourself out there here are three points you must know, these words are from my heart to dwell deep in yours

  • You are worthy of love, to love freely and be loved. That starts with loving yourself. People can only love you as deeply as you love yourself. The more you love yourself, the more love you will call in and the more love you can give out. When we love ourselves for who we are we no longer seek love outside of us. We don’t need anything for validation because we know we have an infinite source within us.
  • Know your worth. Set your boundaries. Know that you are worthy of kindness and respect, that you deserve better than to be negatively spoken to or treated, especially from your own ego. No amount of judgement, harsh words or negativity can shake you. Don’t settle for anything less. You are worthy of love and abundance of all good things on the deepest level.
  • You are deserving of believing in yourself. When you doubt yourself you are confining yourself to this tight little box with no room to expand. You are a limitless, expansive being and you better believe it!

When you open up from a place of self-love, of knowing your worth, when you have that unshakable belief in yourself, nothing can bring you down. You have learned to hold space for yourself. You can step outside of your comfort zone, be vulnerable and own your truth. This self-love, self-worth and self-belief acts as this protective barrier, so even when you are exposed to pain, to criticism or negativity it will no longer drain you. You are full and whole as you stand in your truth.

This isn’t always easy, its a constant, daily practice. I repeat positive affirmations, I post reminders everywhere, I write my power thoughts down, I listen to Louise Hay on YouTube everrryyyday and YES I speak to myself in the mirror! Every morning and all throughout my day I come back to loving thoughts, reminding myself of my worth and believing my dreams are possible.

Put yourself out of your comfort zone, take that leap of faith, soar towards your dreams even if it means being vulnerable. Fill yourself up with self-love, know your worth, believe in yourself and shine like you were meant to. You weren’t put here to play small, go big and dream bigger you beautiful soul!


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