Chakra Talk: The foundation for Happiness and Productivity

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I stood before the waves, my feet sinking into the softness of the sand, rooting down into the earth as I watched the sun set beneath the vast endless ocean. As my feet sank I became aware of this physical and energetic grounding into the earth, sinking into support. This beautiful surrender to the here and now, sinking into the sand beneath me, growing roots deep into the earth with an awareness of grounding energy flowing through my physical body. The waves lapped at my feet and the wind swept through my hair. I was reminded of the beautiful contrast of the root chakra and the sacral chakra, the grounding earthy energy of the first chakra and the flow of the waves and the wind capturing the free flowing essence of the second chakra.

From a solid foundation we are able to go with the flow of life. A balanced root chakra grounds us in the here and now, in the presence of this physical world and our bodies, and the easy flow of energy coming from an open sacral chakra, like water flowing through us, allowing us to surrender to the forward motion of life. From strong roots we know we are safe, we know we are supported and we trust that we will be provided for. From there we can tap into the flowing energy of the second chakra, the element of water, from this trust and knowing we can flow through life in the present moment and just be.

I realised this was the foundation for happiness. To be firmly rooted in the present moment, to feel safe, to feel provided for and from this trust and faith I can flow with life, knowing my roots are strong enough, deep enough, to support me no matter how windy life gets. From surrendering my tight grip on life, I open myself up to guidance, an open channel for energy and life to flow through me. The second chakra embodying flow, opening up fearlessly to limitless pathways and opportunities while also allowing each feeling and each thought to rise within me and flow through me without getting stuck in any resistance. No shame in any thoughts or emotions, this complete freedom of allowing and truly feeling all that arises within me.

Trying to form a life without a foundation creates this feeling that we are floating meaninglessly. And on the other side of that, if we ground down too much into our root chakra, we become rigid within our lives, we close ourselves off to the constant flow of life and energy, becoming blind to unexpected and beautiful opportunities. Creating your day with structure allows a sense of flow, creating space for flexibility in your deeply rooted foundation. When we find this flow from a grounded space we feel freedom in our lives and we get things done with a sense of purpose and joy. This is the key to being productive!

From a solid foundation we rise, from flow we surrender and can travel into our upper chakras of consciousness and manifestation. Finally I have found the freedom in structure, the flow in being grounded, I have tapped into the foundation of how to live my life with structure and flow, this beautiful balance of effort and ease.


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