The Alchemy of Support

When a student of yoga decides to take steps to further the path of self-study, Alchemy of Yoga never wishes for finances to impede this journey. As such, Alchemy of Yoga offers various price points, discounts, and scholarships. In addition to these offerings, we sometimes seek creative ways to allow students of yoga the opportunity […]

Low Flying Planes

Dear Alchemists, We are honored to share Lindsey Platt’s story in support of her vision to Teach Peace in one of the most volatile places in our world. Lindsey intends to join the Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training tribe this summer in Costa Rica — though given her whole-hearted volunteer efforts, could benefit from support! […]

A Yogi’s Journey

Special Guest Feature by Lindsey Platt Lindsey Platt embodies the Alchemy of Yoga mission to #TeachPeace. Read her story below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0p6xiDbOEU Seven years ago, I stepped onto my first yoga mat. I sat with my head held high, assured that my previous dance experience would propel me to the top of the class. As the […]

#TeachPeace: Bring Healing Yoga to Uganda

The ultimate vision of Alchemy of Yoga is to #TeachPeace so that the reverberations of our practice  create a more gentle and peaceful world. Lindsey Platt embodies this vision through her amazing volunteer efforts to bring yoga + healing to the youth of East Africa. Her dream is to complete Teacher Training with Alchemy of […]