The Alchemy of Support

When a student of yoga decides to take steps to further the path of self-study, Alchemy of Yoga never wishes for finances to impede this journey. As such, Alchemy of Yoga offers various price points, discounts, and scholarships. In addition to these offerings, we sometimes seek creative ways to allow students of yoga the opportunity to pursue their dream of sharing yoga with others — and therefore contributing to healing the world at large. This is the Alchemy of Support — helping others so they can help others.

A native to Sweden, Suzanne Skold found yoga in 2013. In discovering yoga, she experienced a life-changing shift in perspective + understanding, while also finding fortitude mentally, physically, and emotionally. In this process, she found belonging and purpose. Suzanne doesn’t want to just teach yoga — but rather share life, stories, and learning with others. She writes, “This is more than a contribution towards my dream, it is a gift to you and anyone who will be able to transform and grow through my future teaching. Even if I inspire only one person throughout this lifetime I have achieved my goal as I have continued the chain reaction, which will keep growing through that one person to the next.”

Read Suzanne’s full story & contribute to her GoFundMe account here to support her vision of joining Alchemy of Yoga in Bali, October 1-22nd.

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