Low Flying Planes

Dear Alchemists,

We are honored to share Lindsey Platt’s story in support of her vision to Teach Peace in one of the most volatile places in our world. Lindsey intends to join the Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training tribe this summer in Costa Rica — though given her whole-hearted volunteer efforts, could benefit from support! Her message below underlines the absolute necessity of continuing to support yoga in East Africa. Click here to support Lindsey’s vision.

Just a week away from the swearing in of the re-elected and highly controversial President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, I find myself cowering indoors underneath the low-flying military planes that my coworkers have informed me are an intimidation tactic, warning the opposition party to stay at bay – do  not protest. In the same hour, I am awaiting my office’s community yoga class; a time each week where coworkers from all tribes, political stances, ages, and circumstances come together to breathe in unison on the mat.

I could not help but bask in the chilling beauty of this metaphor. So many times in life, we cower beneath the low flying planes; the problems, differences, issues that loom over us threatening to stomp our spirits. But even on days that the planes are flying low enough to feel the dust in their wake, to incite fear in our very core, we have breath. We have presence, we have the assurance that we can recenter ourselves, transform the fear in our core into strength, and forget the planes as we stand tall on the mat alongside fellow humans with whom we share resonance and hope.

In a place where there are quite literally planes intimidating our spirits, yoga is a source of hope. Through yoga, we come to a place where we allow our inner-selves to soar above the planes that threaten us. Through yoga, we overcome.



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