Yoga and Meditation Ritual for Libra Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

Wowheeeee what an energetically powerful week this is! With the Equinox, Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse all landing in the same week. This, my dear soul, is the absolute best time to receive support in shedding the old, letting go of old habits and patterns and releasing it to return back to wholeness. As the […]

The Gift of an Equinox

By Samara Holliday Published on samarakate.com.au Oh the Equinox! A symbol of change, an ending of one season and the beginning of a new. What an incredibly potent and beautiful time for us to embody these energies.

Yoga and Meditation Ritual for the Full Moon in Leo

BY: Samara Holliday When you begin to align your life with the moon cycles and planetary alignments you will be able to channel these powerful energies to work through you and for you, each phase guiding you to take specific action in Divine timing.