The Gift of an Equinox

By Samara Holliday Published on samarakate.com.au


Oh the Equinox! A symbol of change, an ending of one season and the beginning of a new. What an incredibly potent and beautiful time for us to embody these energies.

Life is made up of fleeting moments that our minds weave together to form our stories. But between each moment, in a subtle instance, there is that space in between, before we weave that moment into our story. In this space, before the mind enters, there is only presence, there is no story, there is no thing, it just is.

This is what can be experienced in meditation as that space in between, the separation of thoughts and melting through the gap into the Divine. Where no judgement, no pain, no suffering is experienced because that is all made up from perception of the mind.

An Equinox is a huge opening of this space, a whole day where we are in between, in blissful transition. A beautiful invitation to let go of holding on to the past and allow yourself to sink into the beauty of this sweet transition. This space between an ending and a beginning has been celebrated by our ancestors from our very beginning. The moment after sunset and the moment before sunrise, where it is not yet day or night, the moment before birth and the moment after death, these moments seen as an opening into that space of Divine, where prayer and contemplation are believed to be more potent in the realm of the inbetween. 

Bask in this space, send out your whispers of prayer and honour this time to call forth your greatest Self. Give birth to your new creation in alignment with the birth of a new season.

Happy Equinox beautiful souls, whether it be Spring or Autumn, may your transition be sweet and gracefully powerful.


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