Top 20 Yoga Bloggers You Must Follow

Silvia Mordini is featured on YouQueen as one of the top 20 yoga bloggers to follow!

YouQueen covered all aspects, no matter what yoga lifestyle you are living or inspiration you are looking for, you are bound to find it among these incredible yogis.


1 .You in 11 descriptive words?

Writer. Yogi. Adventure Junkie. Spiritual Traveler. Happiness Coach. Teacher. Healer. Activator.

2. What is that “special touch” what makes your blog/work different/unique/authentic?

I’ve been inspiring happiness, global awareness, and joyful living in students for 20 years. I keep it real. My Message comes across in every article: We don’t get to do today over again. This is not a rehearsal. Live your Happiness Fully!

My Dharma is achieved through writing: I change people’s lives. With laser like focus I serve as a catalyst for readers to figure out their purpose/dharma.. I wake people up to the power of change – their ability to choose to be happy, in order to love themselves, love their day, love their lives.

3. Exclusive tip, how to or recommendation for YouQueen readers?

• Remain a student of life. Practice being teachable.

• Give gratitude to your teachers. To all whom you learn from, the barista, the taxi driver, your yoga/meditation teacher, your Mom or Dad, the sun and the moon.

• Keep it real – Be a positive example of authenticity. Don’t just pretend to be yourself actually demonstrate what it means to live your life with integrity.

• Show up and be present. Be kind.

• Get healthy, stay healthy – practice radical self-care, build a therapeutic support system.

4. YouQueen’s Random Question: What makes you smile?

Travel makes me smile. One could say being a citizen of the world is in my blood. My Father Enrico was an adventurer, my Mother’s parents were serious spiritual seekers. I grew up traveling all over the world with my brother and parents from the time I was an infant.

I guess the fact that I love to show other people the beauty of the world shouldn’t surprise anyone since I was born in Ecuador, South America; my Father is from Northern Italy near Modena, and English was my third language.

And I learned from my Father, this spirit of Don Quixote, Man of La Mancha, to dream the impossible. I saw with my own eyes, touched and tasted new flavors, experienced new landscapes and as a result I learned about myself.

Every time I traveled somewhere I came back different, I was changed and knew that anything was possible. Tapping into my potential to see through the eyes of my heart makes me smile.

Go to YouQueen to view the full article and other amazing yogis to follow


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