Yoga and Meditation Ritual for the Full Moon in Leo

BY: Samara Holliday


When you begin to align your life with the moon cycles and planetary alignments you will be able to channel these powerful energies to work through you and for you, each phase guiding you to take specific action in Divine timing.

The full moon energy begins to rise 3 days prior and slowly decreases over the 3 days following the full moon. The full moon enhances the energies of the current planetary alignments. This full moon coming into Leo and the current planetary alignments are directing us to seek our TRUTH. To be willing to see our truth, within and without.

The moon is associated with our feminine side and addressing our emotional needs. In Leo we are called to focus on our creativity, self-expression, our love life and passions as well as stepping into our authenticity to shine. Leo is about putting our heart and soul into our deepest passions and desires.

The planetary alignments guide us to look beyond the surface of our shadow side, to look deeper into why we may be feeling annoyed, frustrated, angry, fearful (you get the picture!). Often it is not what we think, these feelings can stem from our past experiences and with Mercury in retrograde this period is a beautiful time to go deep and seek out the root cause.

Our work is not to bring our darkness into the light, but to shine a light into our darkness and see it for what it truly is. This may be a painful, raw and vulnerable time but this work is needed to dig up those deep roots and move forward with clarity and awareness of why we tend to feel certain ways or heat up in certain situations.

This illumination of our shadow side and guidance to tap into our passions are all calling us to explore and expand in our truth and step into our authentic power. This is a beautiful time for us to release the old and letting go of anything that is holding us back from stepping deeper into our truth. From this place of raw authenticity you can shine bright!

Ritual to harness these potent energies

– A lunar yoga flow, slow and flowing like water and with breath, tapping into the sacred feminine and water element of the full moon. The practice calms the mind and opens up the body for energy to flow freely through, preparing us for meditation.
– Meditate – Breathe deep, drop into stillness and tap into your intuitive guidance. Ask your Higher Self/ The Universe/God/Angels for guidance, to reveal your shadow side and support you in this journey. What is weighing you down or limiting you? What are you resisting? Where do those roots lie?
– Once the answers have come through, write down what you need to let go of in order to shine. What is holding you back? Write it down and release it. Burn it, rip it up, destroy it with focused intention (this one feels good!!)
– Write down and reflect on any revelations that came to you through these rituals, often when we write we can make more sense of what we have experienced. It is also great to reflect on and come back to throughout the month.

Oh and remember to pop your crystals and tarot cards out under the moon’s glow for cleansing!

If you would like a more detailed insight into the energies of this full moon check out Mystic Mamma’s article here.

Dearest brothers and sisters, I would LOVE to hear your experiences through this time period, please reach out and share in the comments below and let us come together in this powerful time.


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