What is your emotional and mental health worth?

Super Namaste! Silvia here, Alchemy of Yoga Founder.
Let’s get really real for a moment.

What’s your emotional and mental health worth to you?

If you had to put a dollar figure on this. What would it be?

Of all the things you invest time and money in where are YOU on that list? Sadly, for most of us we prioritize the health and well-being of our car as more important than ourselves. That doesn’t make sense to me.

Does it to you?

As always I’m going to tell you the truth. This is not a rehearsal for a better life. THIS IS IT.

You are not in a trial run. You’re not going to be able to trade in your body for a newer model. This one is it. And you have to make your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health the MOST important investment in your life. It is the FOUNDATION OF YOUR HAPPINESS.

So if you stay stuck in a “story” of scarcity, saying I can’t afford investing in myself, just know that it’s not really true.

How can that be? Alright. Take this example from real life.

1 Starbucks Almond Milk Latte $5.95 USD x 7 days = $41.65
Do that 52 weeks a year = $2,165.80 USD


Put that money towards an investment that will pay you back FOREVER.

I have amazing news, a NEW Payment Plan option is added!

I noticed that you signed up for one of my sweet gifts and want to learn more about Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training (virtual happy dance!).
But I also noticed that you haven’t yet signed up for the Yogapalooza we call Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training. I know your life will be transformed and you’ll have the most fun ever.I also know you are ready for change.

However, one of the things I’ve heard the most was…

“I really, really wanted to JOIN,but I just couldn’t swing the cost right now.”

I completely respect that, and was very much in the same position just a few years ago (wanting to invest in myself, but not having the funds all at once).

So, I wanted to offer you an affordable payment plan where you can book your training today with $500 REFUNDABLE deposit. Pricing STARTS AT $1,699 USD.

Interested? Click here.

Even when you enroll via this special payment plan option, you’ll still get all the love possible in preparing you for the experience of a lifetime.

And did I mention that the value of this Yoga Teacher Training is over $8,000 so your price is less than half of this cost?! Pretty unheard of.

There is nothing standing in your way. Let me BREAK IT DOWN for you.

Take a Triple $3590 divide it by 200 Hours = $17.95 USD Per Hour.

Is it $17.95 per hour?



Triple $3590
Double $3990
Single $4490

Costa Rica
Triple $3800
Double $4499
Single Twin $4699
Single Queen Deluxe $5100

Here’s everything you’ll get INSTANTLY when you register:

Pose Guide 60 Most Important Asana EBOOK

50 Best Yoga Quotes PDF

101 Best Spiritual Books PDF

Mantras to Live By EBOOK

Gratitude Journal EBOOK

Best of Bali Travel GUIDE

Mythology and goddesses of Yoga EBOOK

Chakra Journaling GUIDE

How Yoga Teacher Training Changes Your Life PDF

How to Best Prepare for Yoga Teacher Training

Private Adventure in Alchemy Facebook Community With Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls ($497 value)

I’m stoked for you to receive all of the amazing goodies above!

Click here to take advantage of the new payment option and enroll now.

Upcoming Dates Include:

April 1-22, 2019 Bali (3 spots left)
July 27 – Aug 17, 2019 Costa Rica (8 spots left)
September 1st – 22, 2019 Bali (7 spots left)
Oct 19 – Nov 8, 2019 Bali (6 spots left)

I have a feeling this training is going to change everything for you.

Hey does this sound too good to be true? Yeah, it does because MOST PROGRAMS charge double this. Remember this price INCLUDES all luxury accommodation and meals and more! Don’t wait. Save your spot!

I can’t wait to see the personal growth this program and Alchemy Tribe will bring you. <3


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