By Silvia Mordini, Featured on


There are two practices that are central in my life: I practice yoga and I practice writing stories.

And, sometimes, I practice them together: flowing through some asanas, sitting quietly for a moment to still the mind, and then writing down any thoughts when I open my eyes, before moving through more postures. Both of these practices are completely absorbing and perspective-bending. They take me out of the everyday, so that each day feels better.

One of them reminds me to be aware of every movement in my body and pattern in my thoughts as I travel through each hour. The other has a sneaky way of making everything more interesting—pushing me to look a little deeper at the seemingly mundane.

And now, after 15 years of public writing which evolved into a genre I refer to as “yoga journalism,” I’ve summarized a couple key reasons why writing your yoga works.

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