The Journey of White Yoga

When Nancy Hanley, White Yoga Founder, was finishing her Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training 10 years ago, she struggled to find yoga clothing in white that looked and felt amazing. A Libran and lover of fashion, she started to sew her own garments to teach and practice Kundalini in. With an innate eye for beauty, she designed clothing that she felt truly great in, both in and out of the studio. She believes that clothing should honor the yogic principle of ahisma, non-harming, so comfort was always taken into consideration. She received so much interest from her peers and students, she began to consider producing clothing to sell. She started with a hundred pants, a goal that would jumpstart White Yoga and provide evidence that her line could be profitable. She sold every single pair and couldn’t believe how quickly she met this lofty goal. The first success of White Yoga was in the bag! A proud moment in the company’s development to say the least. This first step helped shape Nancy’s intention of selling high-vibration clothing to like-minded consumers around the world.

Even in the infancy stages of White Yoga, Nancy was determined to work with conscious companies that supported her desire to create clothing that cultivated love from creation to delivery. In search for a company that was in sync with her mission, Nancy went to Bali and found a manufacturer that was operated and ran by Balinese locals. She appreciated their candor, dedication to a sacred lifestyle and feminine leadership. The production only reinforced White Yoga’s commitment to sharing the beauty that expanded the natural radiance of women. Based on yogic and chakra teachings, white expands your aura so each piece of clothing encourages the person wearing it to express their individuality – to let their unique light shine.  It’s simple and oh so true, we all want to be seen. White Yoga believes in the idea that how you present yourself matters. Nancy wants the people who wear her clothing to be noticed for their unique spirit that illuminates from the inside out. And she’s doing a pretty darn good job at it. If you look at her website, each piece is crated with elegance, reminding us all of the divinity within.

Over these past four years, Nancy has honored her business as one of her many teachers. In the Kundalini yogic tradition, prosperity is achieved by setting a destination and tapping into to the energetic flow of abundance, coupled with hard work! – and remaining joyful. She believes in taking action from a yogic mindset. Kundalini teaches us that we deal with failure the same way we deal with success. Throughout the ebbs and flows of White Yoga, Nancy has chosen to step back and observe how she reacts to times of expansion and depreciation. She emphasized the importance of being neutral in the peaks and valleys, constantly practicing gratitude and contentment. We even spoke about kundalini exercises that attract abundance and prosperity.  Nancy integrates her way of life into both of her businesses, teaching yoga and White Yoga Clothing, showcasing how we can all have prosperity while lifting the vibrations of the world around us.

Her biggest wish is that the brand will continue to grow, so she can expand her network on and off of her mat. Help us make Nancy’s wish come true by visiting her website and sharing the word of White Yoga!


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