Abundance Mantra 

Om Shrim Maha Lakshmi Yei Namah

Lakshmi opens our eyes to the material and spiritual abundance in our lives, while also empowering us to create beauty in all that we do.

What makes chanting so healing?

When you chant Sanskrit, there is a marked difference in your entire being, from your mental state to your physical body. After chanting a Sanskrit mantra or even a few of its very simple bija sounds, your mind becomes tranquil, your body relaxes and your breathing steadies. Nothing major right? It’s pretty major. Additionally, when you chant Sanskrit sounds with the intention of goodness and love behind them, you draw that energy towards you and begin to heal your entire system through chanting.

Sanskrit sounds emanate from five distinct mouth positions that exist on your palate. These five positions correspond to different points in the brain and/or body, which exponentially magnifies their potency. In other words, as you say, for example, the sound ‘A’ you are not just mindlessly saying ‘A.’ You say the sound and if you pay attention you can feel the prana contact the back of the throat, the vocal chords rub together creating a gentle friction and the vibration of the sound energy rising to the front of the face, the crown of the head and then extend down to the heart. This whole process culminates together to create a kind of inner soul dialog between the head and the heart.

Dr. David Frawley echoes the healing nature of Sanskrit mantras when he says, “The subtle body of Sanskrit sound vibration relates to the mental body and to the subtle or astral body in general, the site of the seven chakras. It creates and sustains the physical body, supporting health and well-being within it. Through changing the frequencies of the subtle body of sound, we can bring healing into the physical body and remove negativities from the mind.”

The English word ‘to heal’ derives from the Old English ‘Haelan’ – to restore to sound health, to restore to wholeness. The process of chanting is a process of healing and restoring our body, mind and health back to wholeness which is our natural state. Sanskrit chanting is a process of restoring our entire system back to peace and balance. Each mantra reminds us that we are already whole and that we are a direct emanation of spiritual source. We have only to remind ourselves and then learn to be still and feel it. For this reason chanting Sanskrit is a kind of mantra therapy and is a wonderful way to remove suffering and arrive at healing for the practitioner. If that isn’t enough to convince you to start a chanting practice, Ayurveda, the great science of life, considers mantra recitation to be one of its best tools for bringing about greater health.


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