Silvia Mordini’s Top Ten Reflections for Yoga Teachers

Silvia Mordini’s Top Ten Reflections for Yoga Teachers

  1. Anchor Imparo. At the age of 87 — after a lifetime of discovery, innovation, and creation — Michelangelo declared, “I am still learning.” As yogis, this is a familiar sentiment as we dedicate ourselves to life-long learning. It a reminder that our potential for expansion is never complete — and a mantra that Silvia holds close to heart.
  2. Be Kind. In practicing the first Yama, Ahimsa, as a cornerstone to you being, kindness is expressed toward yourself + all living creatures.
  3. Be Generous. Expand your definition of generosity to include wealth in all forms — be generous with your time, your intellect, your knowledge — practice with a spirit of abundance.
  4. Meditate Always. Even if you only have one minute — your mind, body, and spirit will thank you for time in stillness.
  5. Your Students Are On Your Side — and so is the universe! 
  6. Self-Care if Not Selfish: Take time for yourself — as Silvia says, “Self-love is the most advanced pose.
  7. Love Yourself.
  8. Love Your Day.
  9. Love Your Life.
  10. Ahem Prema. Always remember, “I Am Love.”

Learn more from Silvia as she shares wisdom from her 20+ yoga teaching career:


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