Online Yoga Teacher Training Perfect for Your Extra Time Right Now


Instead of scrolling through your newsfeed to kill time, instead of refreshing Twitter or Facebook for the 5th time, instead of flipping on the news *again* to feed the fear inside you, isn’t it time to feed your passion instead?

?Often, when we find ourselves bored, we are really suppressing something deep inside us that wants to be expressed.

How does it want to be expressed?


That’s where I come in – Alchemy of Yoga is now offering ONLINE yoga teaching CERTIFICATION!

Because now’s the time to feed your passion, not your fear! Registration is NOW OPEN so jump in with us May 4th for my 8-week ONLINE Yoga School!..Join us as you ignite, grow, and transform inside our intentionally-small virtual Kula of rebel spirits, seekers, and stretchy-minded souls and gain your Yoga Teacher Certification from the comfort of your own room!

Feel our vibe? Join our tribe!

?️ If you want to know ALL about my Online Yoga Teacher Program this shows you everything!

I want you to have ALL the information you need to make the BEST decision for YOU.

✅ Sign up here to learn more via email

?Looking for extra clarity? Let’s talk it through – book a CLARITY call with me the Founder Silvia Mordini @inspiredyogagal here ?


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