New Moon De-Stimulation – Class Plan

created by Laura Hand, www.wayfaringyogi.com

Physical Focus ||  Vira Flow
Energetic Focus || New Moon De-stimulation
Pilgrimage Pose || bakasana, parsva bakasana
Class Length ||
60-75 min

In our modern lifestyle, we are constantly overriding our natural circadian rhythms.  We have screens and machines that keep us plugged in and powered on.  It can leave the body feeling drained and disconnected.  Through your own movement alchemy, begin to break the pattern of the overstimulated mind, be not distracted as you connect faithfully to the breath. With the natural dearth of light in the night sky as the new moon darkness is upon us, turn inward toward the sanctuary of your practice and embrace the same infinite space within that exists without.

View/download the full class plan.

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