Visshudha (5th Chakra) – Class Plan

created by Laura Hand, www.wayfaringyogi.com

Physical Focus ||  Backbends + Pratikriyasana
Energetic Focus || Visshudha, Communication
Pilgrimage Pose || natarajasana
Class Length ||
60-75 min

“All of the delicate shades of feeling are a result of communication” – Travels with Charley, John Steinbeck.

We are able to more fully embrace our experience when we can articulate our inner world through art of language.  Visshudha is our communication center, it is where we feel connected, a sense of spiritual communion that happens when we feel truly understood. Consider through this practice as a dance between the throat closed (self-reflection) and the throat open (self-expression).
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Playlist by Alchemy of Yoga’s own Sarah Erter.

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