Life is Full of Setbacks – How to Remove the Roadblocks to Your Happiness

by Silvia Mordini

Dukha, the bad stuff, happens to everyone. We must stop feeding our stress phobia thinking we are trying to eradicate the bad stuff (fear, distrust, suffering, armoring, rigidity, contraction, defensiveness, aggressiveness, resentment.) The real obstacle to spiritual practice is thinking that to be happy we must be stress-free. Obstacles are not the problem. Life is full of setbacks, traffic jams, heartbreaks and roadblocks. It is our reaction and hostaging of energy that is the real block to our happiness. Learning how to stress successfully is the answer to staying Zen.

Dukkha impacts us on all levels:
1. Physiologically – arises from overtaxing our nervous systems, constant fight or flight response.
2. Psychologically –this comes from a feeling of separateness. We withdraw to a point where we experience a sense of disconnection, estrangement, isolation and alienation.

3. Spiritually – When we are caught up in the physical and psychology of sukkah we lose contact with who we truly are. We lose hopefulness. This is known as Purusha or Atman.

There are various Ganesha Mantras.

Om Gam Ganapataye
Om Namo Bhagavatae Gajaananaaya Namaha
Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

In the mythic storytelling of Ganesha, a well-loved deity, we invoke him to help us remain friendly with our obstacles. Mantra, yoga and meditation are not about throwing ourselves out to become something better. Spiritual practice is about befriending what is happening.

Remember you are not competing with your stress.
You are not trying to win.

Life’s roadblocks are not the enemy.

Our obstacles are not the enemy.
And certainly, this is not a battle to the death like on Game of Thrones.

How to Chant Ganesha Mantra:
Om – is pronounced as /aum/. It is not O and M separately.

Gamm – pronounced as “/gam/
Ganapataye – pronounced as /ganapataye:/
Namaha – pronounced as /namah

Dukha impacts us on all levels. Embrace the dukha (suffering, imbalance, despair, anguish, anxiety, irritation, uncertainty) with gentleness and grace by using the Ganesha Mantra.

Love yourself, love your day, love your life!


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