Alchemy of Yoga: Bali Teacher Training

What to Expect: Alchemy of Yoga’s 200-Hour Teacher Training in Bali, October 1-22:

Magic! Most importantly, you will learn how to unblock the obstacles to your greatest happiness by tapping into your potential to love yourself more and live from the highest self. At the core of the Alchemy of Yoga philosophy is a sense of connection – to ourselves, to one another, to the environment, and to live our mission to Teach Peace. Starting today you have this extraordinary opportunity to inspire those around you as a Peace Leader, leading a Happiness Revolution and changing the world!

Nirmala Retreat in Ubud is our private home while in Bali for Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training Training:

$400 OFF UNTIL JUNE 30, 2016!

Triple Villa: $4299 USD (Early Bird Saving: $3799)

Double Villa: $4750 USD (Early Bird Saving: $4350)

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