A 2 Minute Morning Practice for a Positive Day


Each day I wake, before I open my eyes, I bring my awareness to my breath. I thank the Universe for the gift of waking to a brand new day. I fill myself with gratitude for being alive, for being here on this earth and receiving the opportunity for another day to grow into myself and shine. I don’t think of yesterday, I don’t think of tomorrow. I only think of that moment, lying in my bed, thanking my beautiful body for keeping me alive, my heart beating, my lungs breathing for me effortlessly all throughout my sleep. And if I can be completely present, I know that in that moment I have no worries, no fears, no doubt. I am in my natural state. I am joy. I am love. I am blessed.

I have to tell you, it wasn’t always this way! And some days I still wake up and before I have time to catch myself I feel resistance to the day ahead creep in. It is a practice, it’s not always perfect, but I always come back to it.  I know if I begin my day with negative thoughts then I am lowering my energetic vibration, these negative thoughts weighing heavy down on me and from that space I can’t show up as my best self.

Notice once you start with negative thoughts your mind goes on a tangent, all these other negative thoughts creep in and then we stub our toe and trip up and negative things begin to happen throughout our day. It becomes a slippery downward spiral. Like attracts like. If we begin our day with positive thoughts we set the foundation for our day and no matter what happens during our day we can always come back to the solid foundation we started with.

Tomorrow when you wake up, before you open your eyes, begin your day with gratitude, dwell in the beauty of the present moment and the gift of being alive. Plant the seeds of positive thoughts in your mind, come back to those seeds throughout your day, nurture them and watch them grow.


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