5 Ways to Change Your Attitude

Not only do our thoughts affect us in tangible ways, but we also have the extraordinary capacity to affect those around us, and the environment we live in. We all know that the power of attitude can change our lives. After all, the way we think mirrors how we see our lives.


Yoga teaches us that limiting our outlook is a root cause of suffering. The answer is to look inside. Yogicly  this process of self-reflection is known as vichara.It starts by seeing the habits of our minds that keep us from living up to our potential.


From there we can implement small changes in attitude. Here are some suggestions to gain a new perspective and change your attitude:


  1. Take a day off from the Internet.Lighten up your media diet by going Internet-free days on either a Saturday or Sunday. Turn off the TV and music and enjoy the silence. It’s a wonderful change of pace!
  2. Get some rest. Adequate rest and sleep is vitally important to maintaining a positive mental attitude.If you are constantly sleep deprived you will certainly be more agitated and on edge. Try resting before you get over tired and watch how much more positive your outlook becomes.
  3. Change your passwords to something positive.Think about how many times per day you enter your passwords. Make it count for something. Change your password to be aligned with your most important intention. If you are trying to manifest love then try a password Iattractlove.
  4. Travel somewhere new.Go on a retreat and take some time for you! Traveling to somewhere new gives you the opportunity to change your perspective and get a new view of your life. John Lubbock writes, “What we see depends mainly on what we look for.” Let that permeate your being. Travel helps to transform us because what we see is different than where we’ve been already.
  5. Do something different.
  • Eat the unusual thing.Instead of choosing the same thing you always eat for lunch or dinner, try a new alternative.
  • Cook something new.Try cooking a new recipe. Or experiment with an old recipe by adding something unexpected.
  • Take a different route.To work or to school. To your gym or home. See something new even in transit.
  • Mix up your music.Try some new music; especially something you wouldn’t normally listen to.
  • Sit in a new place. If you have favorite chair or part of the sofa where you always sit, choose another place to sit today. In yoga class, try putting your mat down in a different part of the room.


As Einstein puts it, “the ancestor to every action is a thought.”In the laboratory of our minds, it is important to engage life like an alchemist. You have the power to change your attitude by actively fostering a new perspective. Choose 2-3 items from the above and anchor them today. Love yourself, love your day, love your life! ~ Silvia


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