What New RULING by Yoga Alliance Means For YOU

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BIG Announcement from Yoga Alliance Today! But first the most commonly asked questions about my ONLINE Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training.

1. How long is the program?
8 weeks May 4 to June 29

2. How long do I have to complete the requirements for CERTIFICATION?
1 year.

3. After I am certified how long do I have to REGISTER with Yoga Alliance.
Forever. Infinity and beyond!
4. How quickly can I become a certified with Alchemy of Yoga and registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance?
8 weeks. If you did everything required 200 hours into 8 weeks, 25 hrs/week.
Submitting all homework then by June 30th you’d reach this goal.

5. Do I have to do this all in 8 weeks.
NO. Not at all. You have options…
You could enjoy the program, then take another 8 weeks to complete it at your own pace. Or take up to a year.

6. Is there any reason to RUSH?
No. You do NOT have to complete everything by June 30th.

7. What’s up with June 30th?
Yoga Alliance made special exceptions that students becoming certified through RYS Registered Yoga Schools needed to take classes by June 30.

Yoga Alliance extended this to September 30, 2020.

Therefore in my programs you can take them up to this date both totally online, and partially online and still register with them.

1. May 4- June 29 – all virtual
2. June – Aug 15 partially online then Costa Rica   
3. July – Sept 27 partially online then Bali   
4. Oct 4-25 all in person Bali

Visit our website for ALL details https://alchemyofyoga.com/online-yoga-teacher-training/

Sign up here for email & brochure http://eepurl.com/gZurUb⁣⁣  

If you have questions  ?Book a FREE CLARITY CALL with me founder @inspiredyogagal https://calendly.com/alchemyoflove/30min

Love yourself, love your day, love your life!


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