Does Yoga Make you Sexy?

By: Silvia Mordini, featured on DoYouYoga.com The hot yoga topic in some circles has been about the marketing of yoga to make you slim and sexy. My first concern as a yoga instructor is not so much about sexiness as it is teaching folks that yoga is really about the Science of Happiness. I know […]

10 Things You Should Know When Choosing a Yoga Teacher Training Program

By: Silvia Mordini, published on doyouyoga.com Choosing a teacher training program is an investment in yourself that yields lifelong transformation physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. As such, the program you choose ultimately contributes to the direction of your growth. I encourage you to look beyond the “surface factors” and explore the depth of each program […]

2016 Alchemy of Yoga Alumni Newsletter Calendar

Alchemy of Yoga understands that teacher training is both a deep-dive into yoga + self-study and simultaneously just the beginning! To continue the growth, development, and support of Alchemy of Yoga’s graduates who whole-heartedly carry out the mission to teach peace, our alumni newsletter provides offerings including inspired writing, mantra, meditation, sequences, musical inspiration + playlists, […]