How Your Yoga Practice Can Heal Your Life

By Samara Holliday Lately I’ve been coming to my mat for some deeply healing joo joo. I go to one class per week and the rest of the days I just want to move the way I want to move and listen to the wisdom of my body. I’ve found external comforts sneaking up on […]

Yoga Teacher Training Week 1 – The Gateway Inwards

By Samara Holliday To be under the guidance of a teacher with a wealth of personal experience, yogic knowledge and more importantly a teacher who lives their yoga has evoked immense healing within myself. The more I learn in my yoga teacher training the more I realise I am only at the beginning. That the […]

Is Yoga Really Inclusive?

By Silvia Mordini – Published on Yoganonymous.com Have you seen that video of pairs of skeletons kissing and hugging and dancing? What’s so great about it is the way it discharges prejudice, the way it strips away our biases and boils love down to its basic form. Are we ready to do that in yoga? […]