In Pursuit of the Alchemy of Happiness

By Silvia Mordini, Published on Yoganonymous Happiness is in our genes. According to geneticists we have an “inborn” happiness set point of about 50 percent that we return to whether good or bad things happen. We have a 10 percent influence based on environmental factors and up to 40 percent that is affected by “intentional […]

Is Yoga Really Inclusive?

By Silvia Mordini – Published on Yoganonymous.com Have you seen that video of pairs of skeletons kissing and hugging and dancing? What’s so great about it is the way it discharges prejudice, the way it strips away our biases and boils love down to its basic form. Are we ready to do that in yoga? […]

Yoga at Home: The Intimate Experience of Self-Practice

By Laura Hand – Posted on Gaia.com There are a lot of reasons to begin a home practice, but one of the most rewarding is the way a dedicated sadhana, or practice, can make anywhere you unroll your mat feel like home. And while nothing quite compares to the live transmission of a living, breathing […]