What Does Online Yoga Cover?


Your Online Yoga Certification covers 8 modules 8️⃣ in the 4 Updated Categories from Yoga Alliance: ⁣.⁣1. Technique, Training & Practice⁣.⁣2. Anatomy & Physiology⁣.⁣3. Yoga Humanities⁣.⁣4. Professional Essentials⁣.⁣.⁣Today we will focus on the first one and what to expect from THE CURRICULUM OF ALCHEMY OF YOGA 200 HOUR PROGRAM: ⁣.⁣.⁣✅ #1 Technique, Training & Practice⁣.⁣75 hours Required⁣Asana, […]

Online Yoga Teacher Training Perfect for Your Extra Time Right Now


Instead of scrolling through your newsfeed to kill time, instead of refreshing Twitter or Facebook for the 5th time, instead of flipping on the news *again* to feed the fear inside you, isn’t it time to feed your passion instead? ?Often, when we find ourselves bored, we are really suppressing something deep inside us that […]