In Pursuit of the Alchemy of Happiness

By Silvia Mordini, Published on Yoganonymous Happiness is in our genes. According to geneticists we have an “inborn” happiness set point of about 50 percent that we return to whether good or bad things happen. We have a 10 percent influence based on environmental factors and up to 40 percent that is affected by “intentional […]

Vinyasa Yoga for Green Tara

Compassion in Action By: Silvia Mordini Green Tara is usually depicted as a compassionate being (Mother Buddha) ready to step down from her lotus throne to offer comfort and protection from all of the sufferings we experience in the world. This was filmed with the mantra om tare tuttare ture swaha in mind. Mantra Meaning: […]

New Article on DoYouYoga.com!

16 Quotes to Inspire Kindness By: Silvia Mordini  Being a good person matters. It’s easy to take how to be kind for granted. It seems like a sort of “background” thing we’re supposed to do that is always there.   However, kindness is an active choice. And the more conditioned we are to respond with […]