Spiritual Immersions of Self-Discovery, Sun, & Soul

Spiritual Immersions – Ask yourself if this is your Motivation:
-Do you want to learn more about yourself?
-Do you want to learn more about yoga asana and/or philosophy?
-Do you want a soulful luxury vacation with private pool?
The answer isn’t Yoga Teacher Training necessarily. Just because you want more authentic Dharma Studies doesn’t mean you have to do a full 200 hour yoga teacher training.
Instead, immerse yourself:
Fall in love with yourself as you are.
Be free.
Attract your best life!
Take a deep soul plunge with me in Bali through my 13 year old Alchemy of Yoga School.
I’m here in Bali already waiting for you 🙂
MODULE 1 – 50 Hours (any week can be done stand alone)
April 15-22, 2017
Triple Lodging + Private Pool: $999
Double Lodging + Private Pool: $1299
Single Lodging + Private Pool: $1599
MODULE 1 AND 2 – 108 Hours
April 15-29, 2017
Triple Lodging + Private Pool: $1899
Double Lodging + Private Pool: $1999
Single Lodging + Private Pool: $1599
MODULE 1&2&3 = 200 Hours RYT Yoga Alliance Certification
April 15-May 6, 2017
Triple Lodging + Private Pool:Special Discount $3,099
Double Lodging + Private Pool: Special Discount $3,599
Single Lodging & Private Pool: Special Discount $4,099
These immersions are unapologetically spiritual. They are also incredibly fun and amazing cultural integrations.
Go here to learn more: https://alchemyofyoga.com/programs/immersions/
This is that sangha, meeting place where it’s more than just a yoga retreat, but has the flexibility to not be a full on yoga teacher training. It transformative and customized for YOU!
I would love to have this time to delve deeper into dharma together.
I am so excited to share this spiritual immersion with you in Bali! If you have any questions about the trip EG how to book travel please contact us at hello@alchemytours.com
PM ME 206-886-5743
Love yourself, love your day, love your life! Silvia


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