Santosha: An Excuse to Resist Change?

Contentment (Santosha) is the second Niyama of Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga. It is the practice of letting go of ‘I’ll be happy when…” and finding happiness within ourselves in the present moment, exactly as we are. I fully believe that we are all whole, that the very essence of our being is beautifully perfect and complete. But there was a time when I allowed my practice of contentment to conflict my growth; spiritually and on my life path. I let go of striving towards my goals to settle in a stagnant situation to try and be content with the present moment.


Where I was in life I wasn’t happy with what I was doing. I realise that trying to cover this unhappiness with contentment was only a form of resistance. I used the practice of Santosha as an excuse to not take a leap of faith to change my path.



Contentment doesn’t mean to accept things as they are if you are unhappy. It doesn’t mean to settle for less or stop striving towards your dreams.

Only when we are in alignment with our true selves and our paths do we feel fulfilled. To live a fulfilled life we must continue to take steps forward. To flow with life’s current because life is never still.

To resist the flow of life and growth only brings about frustration and restlessness. We are here to evolve, to learn, to grow. On this spiritual path we must always continue to learn, to devote ourselves to our evolution so we can dive deeper within and serve our purpose with clarity. To feel unfulfilled doesn’t mean we are any less whole. It is only a whisper from the Universe telling us we are ready to grow and shine a little brighter.

Now I understand contentment is knowing that I am enough and I will always be enough. I have enough and I will always have enough.

I find contentment in my growth, I trust and feel I am right where I need to be. I choose to be content through frustrating and restless times, knowing they are part of my journey but I no longer accept to be content and remain in that situation. I choose to grow.

To practice Santosha is not to accept things as they are and remain stagnant but to find contentment in our journey, in our never-ending growth and the ever-changing currents of life.


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