Ritual and Mantra for Full Moon in Virgo


With the Moon coming into Virgo become aware of any perfectionist tendencies and areas in your life where you may be too judgmental or critical. Virgo brings out laser like focus but be wary of tunnel vision, notice if you are becoming too wrapped up in one thing and trying to make it perfect. With our hands dipped in so many bowls we may start to feel overwhelmed and frustrated that things aren’t turning out the way we envisioned them. Be careful of falling into negative thoughts or patterns during this period, especially feelings of self-doubt, disappointment, blame or regret. This will only further that feeling of being out of control, lost among life’s chaos, especially with Virgo craving control, balance and for things to be perfect. We are reminded to take a step back and see the bigger picture, to surrender and see the beauty in imperfection.

In terms of the world and people around us, we are called to accept things, situations and people as they are instead of trying to ‘fix’ what we cannot. Instead focus on inner changes, flip your perspective and take full responsibility for the things that are in your control; your words, your thoughts and your actions. This will have a ripple effect and begin to shift things in your outer world, but this change must start from within.

The sun in Pices greatly helps us, guiding us to tap into our inner wisdom and be led by our intuition. To do this we must stay grounded and in the present moment. Again the message of surrender is coming up as it is a powerful energy from Pices plus Virgo perfectionist energies will still play a role here. Surrender to your intuition and let it override the logic and straight forward thinking of Virgo. Widen the lens, allow yourself to fumble in the midst of surrender without feeling that things are falling apart. Have trust!

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Ritual for full moon in Virgo

  • Yoga flow – try this Moon Salutation by Shiva Rea. Embody the smooth flow of the water element. This is a beautiful way to calm the mind in preparation for meditation
  • Meditate for a minimum of 5 minutes repeating the “So Hum” (I Am) mantra in your mind. Inhale “so” exhale “hum”.
  • Journal with these questions: Where can I let go of perfectionism? List ways you can see the beauty in these imperfections. What and who can I accept as it is/as they are? What has caused me frustration lately? – Can I flip my perspective or step back and view it for what it is, without judgement or criticism?
  • Set the intention to let go of anything holding you back, anything weighing you down, any resistance you feel (self limiting thoughts, beliefs). Set the intention to let go of habits, situations and relationships that no longer serve you. Especially let go of trying to make things perfect and of trying to fix things that are outside of your control. Share them in sacred circle, with your soul sister/brother/mate, write them down and rip them up, burn them, get creative with ways to release!


Sanskrit (to chant or sing)

Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu

May I be happy, My I be peaceful, May I be loved.

May you be happy, May you be peaceful, May you be loved.

May we be happy, May we be peaceful, May we be loved

May all beings be happy, May all beings be peaceful, May all beings be loved

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

This beautiful mantra reminds us that we are not separate, that we are all one, feeling this same energy, riding these same vibrations within our own experience. We are all seeking this same happiness, this peace and this love from within. Through this time, in chanting this mantra, may all beings find their peace among the imperfections, may they accept all that is, may they take a step back and view the bigger picture from a space of love, may we surrender to our intuition and may all beings follow the path of joy.


With peace and love to you on this Full Moon.



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