I am Grounded

During this #Vata season of fall, you might be feeling uprooted and scattered. Take a moment to reset by doing the following meditation for 1-20 minutes. However long you feel is sufficient to SLOW DOWN your mind.Lay down on your yoga mat, bed or couch. If you are prone to falling asleep, sit up right when some support behind you.

1. Start by simply noticing your breath – depth, pace and quality

2. Begin lengthening your breath by being more intentional about reducing the speed in which you inflate and deflate your chest.

3. If you’d like to incorporate a 4-count inhale and exhale, that can allow for your mind to be distracted by the cadence of your #pranayama (breathing exercise).

4. Once you get into a steady rhythm, start to imagine a red rope grow from your tailbone and dive into the earth beneath you all the way to our fiery core.

5. Wrap your rope around the earth’s core multiple times and repeat in your mind, “I am grounded” #continue until it feels right to release the mantra and grip around our care. Gradually return to your breath, body and reality.

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