How to Manifest Change in Your Life


Dr. Wayne Dyer 

To manifest change, you have to change something yourself. A key change is your perception of yourself, shifting from seeing yourself as someone who sticks to the old and comfortable all the time, to now someone who likes to mix things up. Not all change is created equally. You can choose to mix gradual transformation along with immediate transformation.

It can be helpful to think about making these shifts as though you are making them through water, and through fire. Let the alchemical elements inspire your process.

Slow transformation is ruled by the Water element, 2ndchakra.

Fast transformation is ruled by the Fire element, 3rdchakra.

Some areas of our life need slower change, while sometimes long held and deep blocks may require stronger, more immediate changes. Either way, both water and fire help us break out of our comfort zone, so the inner resistance and fears shrink away.

In yoga asana, we are able to experience this water and fire through the flow of breath and movement. The intention is to tune in and freely give ourselves what we need, whether it is more water, or more fire. Either way, we ultimately unblock the flow. Today, honoring the words of the late Gabrielle Roth from her book Sweat Your Prayers.

“We are born into bodies that are fluid and free. Yet for most of us, this state of grace is sadly short lived. Judgement, emotional wounds, fear and loss become stored deep inside our muscles and bones, leaving us with shoulders that sag, hips that are locked, arms that can’t reach out, hearts that beat behind a stone wall. When we move our bodies we shake up firmly rooted systems of thought, oldpatterns of behaviour and emotional responses that just don’t work anymore. Rhythm, breath, music and movement become tools for seeing, then freeing, the habits that hold us back. When we free the body, the heart begins to open. When the body and the heart taste freedom, the mind won’t be far behind. And when we put the psyche into motion, it will start to heal itself.“

Take a look at one thing causing you stress right now. What type of action does it require to achieve the change you need? Will it change slow and gradual, like water, or quickly and powerfully, like fire? Make the commitment to initiate the transformation today.

Love yourself, love your day, love your life!




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