Dear Stress, We’re Breaking Up

By Silvia Mordini

Joy is our birthright say the Yoga Sutras. There is nothing natural about being stressed out ALL the time. Think of daily life as water filling up your favorite mug, as long as you keep the happenings of life a bit below the very rim you feel your best. If, however, the mundane stressors of life are keeping you full to the very top as soon as you experience an unexpected stress the mug will overflow. This situation can be prevented.

I’m not saying we should avoid stress or get rid of it. This is impossible. Stress exists in every single change we experience such as getting a new job, a promotion, getting married, having a baby, moving into a new home. There is good stress.

Rather the goal is to apply the right kind of stress, in the right intensity, for the right duration, at the right time in the right context. Otherwise we are constantly in a state of fight or flight, boosting adrenalin and living on the edge of overflow. When we live on adrenalin our bodies go berserk. First thing, let’s do an emotional clearing to empty out some of the extra residual stress.

Emotional Clearing: Set aside time to be alone. Get your journal out.
1. What are the three main toxic thoughts you have or stories you tell yourself?
2. What is the emotional space that needs the most clearing?
3. What is the career space that needs the most clearing?
4. What are the biggest sources of stress in your life right now?
5. How do they affect you?
6. What costs do you pay for keeping things like they are?
7. Why are you allowing it to be like it is?
8. What one change could you make in your daily life that would create less stress?
9. What actions could you take?
10. When will you do that?

Now try this Happiness Prescription: Write a letter to Stress.

Dear Stress,

We are breaking up…
It’s not you, it’s me…
I want to be happy because…
I deserve…
I want to thank you for all I’ve learned from you…
I hope we can still be friends.

Your Name


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