Chakra 101: Sahaswara, The Crown Chakra

By Silvia Mordini, Featured on Yoganonymous.com

About Crown Chakra:

“In physics, a singularity is a point of infinite density and infinitesimal volume. Singularities exist at the center of black holes, which are regions of space that have a gravitational field so intense that no matter or radiation can escape. Likewise, the pull of your purpose combined with your core priorities is so intense, so massive; that nothing you do can escape its influence. Every thought you have, every decision you make, and every action you take is pulled by this force.” – Isaiah Hankel from Black Hole Focus

The seventh chakra is depicted as a fully blooming, thousand-petaled lotus flower at the crown of your head. The roots of this lotus flower are connected to the Earth and its petals stem out from the crown and flow back down through the chakras as a stream of higher wisdom and awareness. This chakra is about understanding our true purpose and connecting it with pure consciousness. This singularity is powered through the crown chakra (Sahasrara) so you are able to tune in to higher frequencies and you can receive guidance from your guides (non-physical beings) and intelligence from other frequencies to live your dharma.

Learn more about the Crown Chakra on Yoganonymous.com!


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