Alchemy of Beauty from the Inside Out

I am devoted to teaching women how empowerment comes from nurturance, not from trying harder and doing more. When gentleness from ourselves to ourselves hardens we in turn appear that way in outer form. In other words, beauty comes from the inside out. And the kind of relationship we are having with ourselves on the inside will be evident on the outside.

Right now is an opportunity to reclaim your right to appreciate yourself and treat your body as the sacred living temple that it is. In the words of Derek Walcott,

“The time will come
When with elation,
You will greet yourself arriving
At your own door, in your own mirror,
And each will smile at the other’s welcome,
And say, sit here. Eat.
You will love again the stranger who was your self.”

As you reconnect with your feminine essence you begin to remember what it’s like to walk in beauty upon this earth. You tap back into natural rhythms as you recalibrate your actions towards taking care of you. This is the Alchemy of Beauty.

You are reclaiming your inner magnificence and by doing so your soul feels nourished and becomes brighter. You are lit up from within. You radiate outwards.

This devotion can be supported by Ayurvedic —the science of life and optimal longevity—concepts. Perfect if you want to live a healthier, more balanced and more vibrant life. Together, we’ll explore how the basic concepts of Ayurveda apply to you and to your beauty walk upon this earth. We’ll teach you time-honored Ayurvedic practices for loving your body and shining your light and beauty from the inside out.

When your body and mind are in balance, you make sound; nourishing choices that allow you to achieve the health and lifestyle changes you are seeking. With clear thinking you can identify and create your best life ever! You maintain this balance by staying connected through the seven layers to your heart energy, allowing you to live in the flow of grace.

Grace looks like self-love. Love, the Bhakti practice, is essential for you to walk in beauty. Make time today to smile, sing and shine out as yourself. Learn, laugh and love yourself, love your day, love your life!


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