2016 Workshops Offered:

1. ALCHEMY OF JOY Roots, Rock, Reggae Flow
2. ALCHEMY OF LOVE Drinking the Lotus
3. ALCHEMY OF SOUL Bhakti Vinyasa (Chill Happiness Flow)
4. HIP HIP HOORAY: Hips Like Honey (the Care and Feeding of Your Honey Pot)
5. ALCHEMY OF FIRE Rebel Spirit Vinyasa Flow
6. ALCHEMY OF BALANCE Elements, Chakras and Energy Medicine
7. ALCHEMY OF HAPPINESS Yoga Sutras Unplugged: Removing the Obstacles to Your Happiness
8. ALCHEMY OF BEAUTY From the Inside Out: The Ayurvedic Way
10. ALCHEMY OF YES Hanumanasana Taking an Amazing Leap of Faith
11. EMOTIONAL ALCHEMY Chakra Power & Balance of Masculine and Feminine
12. ALCHEMY OF ENERGY Elemental Chakra Vinyasa
13. ALCHEMY OF TRANSFORMATION Physical, Mental, Spiritual


AIR: Mental Alchemy – Clearing your Mental Self, Unlearning the Obstacles to Your Happiness
WATER: Emotional Alchemy – Clearing your Emotional Self, Releasing energy zappers
FIRE: Spiritual Alchemy – Clearing your Spiritual Self, Saying YES to life
EARTH: Physical Alchemy – Clearing your Physical Self, Tapas detox

Alchemy of Joy: Roots, Rock, Reggae Flow

“You just can’t live in that negative way…make way for the positive day.” – Bob Marley

Music is medicine. Reggae music is like your daily multivitamin of Peace, Love and Unity. Experience these positive vibes in your yoga practice. We will start with a dynamic, sweaty, playful vinyasa flow building inner heat (tapas) through core cultivation and radical self-inquiry.

While in the flow we will examine the 3 key Habits of Happiness we can apply to every pose, and to your life off the mat. These are: 1. Self-Awareness 2. Accceptance 3. Accountability

Then strengthen your intuition and pinpoint the space created by the physical practice with stillness. Learn to hear your authentic, inner voice and patiently listen within for the answers on how to create the happiness you deserve. And in the spirit of “every little thing going to be alright” towards the end of this workshop we’ll enjoy a rich, restorative savasana accompanied by a touch of sweet meditation. All to the very best Reggae backdrop. . You will leave feeling high on life!

One good thing about music — when it hits you, you feel no pain.
– Bob Marley

Alchemy of Love: Drinking the Lotus


Join me for this life-changing workshop which includes inspirational music, mantra, guided visualization, talk story and vinyasa flow yoga. Learn a new perspective on your practice through the prism of the empowered feminine. Meet familiar poses in a more nurturing way and expand your practice with new poses approached in an expressive, connected manner. Move beyond limitations, feel elegance in movement, find joy in what makes you unique in the world. Let’s play and flow, and restore balance to our inner and outer worlds. At the end, we will have the luxury of the most beautiful guided meditation in savasana.
The lotus is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world and is a symbol of compassion, wisdom, and spiritual growth. It is an ancient symbol of our planet. Growing in muddy waters, and rising above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty, at night the flower closes and sinks under water, rising again at dawn. It reminds us to reconnect to natural Spiritual Rhythm: harmony between dynamic and static masculine and feminine energies within us.
We will learn what balance is—and the 5 common causes of imbalance. We will get into synchronicity with nature, redefine happiness and leave feeling stronger and kinder. To the sacred alchemy of our practices may each of one of us grow the capacity to love our lives, all that is easy and hard, all that is revealed and all that is concealed. May we bless it all.

This Workshop is for you if you want to…
-Learn how to align and balance your inner life and outer life
-Heal fatigue and over-working
-Prioritize self-care and healthy boundaries
-Strengthen intuition
-Learn about the divine feminine

Alchemy of Soul: Bhakti Vinyasa (Chill Happiness Flow)

What does happiness look like? Sexy, flowing, relaxed. To the live vibration of Jim Beckwith’s musical stylings, we will move in the way that happiness moves. Come as you are, be as expressive as you want in what you wear, and how you move.

Deep beats, elegant vinyasa are the backdrop for the ultimate moving meditation. Find finesse between poses, breath, and energy. This practice is a joyful balance of strength, bhakti, grace, and creativity that reflects the pulsing rhythms of nature through the vibrant practice of Mandala Namaskar, a circular, fluid Vinyasa sequence and includes twists, spirals, flow motion within asanas, culminating in variations on traditional backbends. Creativity, spontaneity, and playfulness will infuse our chill happiness practice!

Hip, Hip, Hooray! Hips Like Honey for the Care and Feeding of Your Honey Pot

Pablo Neruda writes, “your hips were that much of the moon for me.” Think of all the things that give you pleasure and nurture you and this is related to the care and feeding of your honey pot. Free your pelvis and the rest will follow. If we ignore our hips they begin acting as the junk drawer of the body. In doing so, we lose our self-confidence, our emotional connection to each other, and our power to make change.

This workshop is a journey into empowerment and reclaims our essential foundation for happiness by focusing on the elements of earth and water. Through chakra one, we will learn skills for grounding and rooting ourselves in the Earth. In chakra two, we will reclaim the mysteries of creativity, relationship to emotion, and devotion, as powerful agents of connection with ourselves and others.

Expect inspirational music and a juicy creative hip opening vinyasa flow practice, great for detoxifying and grounding. Practice starts with a heat building, hip & thigh opening sun salutation sequence, then moves into a series of hip openers where you will spend time breaking down and exploring the postures more deeply. The main poses we will work towards will be full bakasana, krounchasana and yogadandasana. A deep savasana and breath work to end the workshop will help us truly move smoothly with our honey pots restored! All levels welcome except absolute beginners, regular practice is recommended.

Play with these mantras: I am a glorious, creative being. Pleasure is my birthright. I flow with the movement of my emotions. I am at home and at ease in my body.

Alchemy of Fire: Durga Rebel Spirit Vinyasa Flow

Yoga works to inspire a REBEL SPIRIT in all of us, a personal (r) evolution. It reduces our resistance to fear because through this practice perfectionism diminishes. We stop doubting our own power. In this workshop we will practice feeling more than thinking, learning more than comparing, enjoying more than judging. If we convince ourselves to decide only with our minds we will over-analyze any decision all the way into procrastination.

Then it’s easy to talk ourselves out of the best experiences of life. However, if we defiantly let our heart consciousness take an active role, then we shift our paradigm into one where there is no failure; only trust that we can’t really fail at anything. We maintain our commitment to complete transformation and stay stoked to try again.

We will invoke the badass energy of Durga, Invincibility, to stand up for our life! Durga is the Mother of the universe, a warrior goddess of protection and courage to help us initiate the changes necessary. From her example we will inhabit the poses with fierce kindness and peaceful determination and strut away inspired to be ourselves. Join me for some playful, radical fun vinyasa flow to stoke your rebel spirit!

Disclaimer: Rebel Spirit Vinyasa Flow can be (1) practiced by anyone, and (2) You can’t do it wrong. (3) Please come dressed like you (and not like everybody else). (4) Yoga police, yoga elitists, and anyone that’s “yogierthanthou” this one is not for you.

Rebel Spirit Mantra
I love myself
I love my day
I love my life

Alchemy of Balance: Elements, Chakras and Energy Medicine

Experience the 5 elements (Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth), 4 directions (South, West, North, East), and Chakras as an inner and outer map of transformation. These are archetypal and energetic maps that are as metaphorical as they are very real and embodied. Everything we see, taste, touch, feel, and do can be interpreted through the gateway of the elements, directions, and chakras.

During this workshop, we will take time to learn how to tap into these sacred relationships and how to align ourselves in understanding their Alchemy in order to gain insight into healing our psyche, emotions and well-being.

Each direction can be correlated with a different season, a chakra, an element, a moon phase, a unique stage of development, a physical aspect of our embodiment, and an archetypal qualities.
This Alchemy is a guide to life and to living life from a connected, simple place rooted in the body, and resourcing from the shared experience of all organic processes in spiritual rhythm with Nature.

This workshop opens with a Sacred Circle, call to the Four Directions, and intention setting. We will explore through movement the vibrant practice of Mandala Namaskar, a circular, fluid Vinyasa sequence that includes twists, spirals, flow motion within asanas, culminating in a joyful balance of strength, grace, and creativity that reflects the pulsing rhythms of nature: who is made up of earth, water, fire, air, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Chakras. Expect inspirational music and talk story.

Join me to learn about the wisdom each direction, element and chakra holds for you to live a peaceful, happy life!


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