Step Into the Light of Your Integrity

Satya — the second Yama of the Yoga Sutras — asks for truth + integrity while remaining rooted in love + compassion. The heart of yoga is unity amongst ourselves and all living things. When we are not truthful, we create a palpable separation from the self + others — whereas when we express ourselves […]

Dancing With Our Shadows – Yoga Playlist

Playlist created by Betsy Shilling Inspiration: Dancing with our shadows: up through the muck, moving into the Light. Total Time: 75 minutes Artist Song Album Time The Candle Park Stars In Memorandum AHH Shimmer and Gold 3:52 Veronique Dumont Radha Meditation Shiva-Shati Mantras 8:11 Al Gromer Khan Agori Dance Tantra Drums 7:07 MC YOGI Prayer […]