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“You light the fire of love⁣in earth and sky⁣in heart and soul⁣of every being.⁣ Through your love⁣existence and nonexistence merge.⁣All opposites unite.⁣All that is profane⁣becomes sacred again.”✨⁣ – Rumi For even more beautiful quotes like this, click HERE and get our FREE 50 Best Yoga Quotes?⁣

What Does Online Yoga Cover?


Your Online Yoga Certification covers 8 modules 8️⃣ in the 4 Updated Categories from Yoga Alliance: ⁣.⁣1. Technique, Training & Practice⁣.⁣2. Anatomy & Physiology⁣.⁣3. Yoga Humanities⁣.⁣4. Professional Essentials⁣.⁣.⁣Today we will focus on the first one and what to expect from THE CURRICULUM OF ALCHEMY OF YOGA 200 HOUR PROGRAM: ⁣.⁣.⁣✅ #1 Technique, Training & Practice⁣.⁣75 hours Required⁣Asana, […]