Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Alchemy of Yoga Kula: A Community of the Heart

Your vibe attracts your tribe!

We are seekers, adventurers, lovers of love, rebel yoga spirits, stretchy-minded, soulful, and sensitive. We enjoy supporting one another, laughter, organic food, dancing in the moonlight, lounging in a hot tub under the stars, playing in the water, silent meditation hikes, taking naps, and enthusiastic conversation about elevating the world. If you feel our vibe, join our tribe!

Our teacher training tribe, or Kula, is defined as “a community of the heart.” Within this safe, nurturing environment we can delve into the deepest study of who we are so we can live our happiness in a big way.

Does your vibe resonate with our vibe?

• You are receptive to learning.
• You are teachable.
• You are looking for more than the asana.
• You have a deeper intention than the goal of RYT — you wish to learn and embody the practice of yoga.
• You have been on the path seeking education, information, self-learning, personal growth.
• You agree to apply the Four Agreements: Don’t Make Assumptions; Be Impeccable with your Word; Don’t take Anything Personally, Always Do Your Best
• You benefit from tribe and community.
• You are kind and sensitive
• You actively practice acceptance