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Silvia Mordini

Silvia Mordini is a CEO, Transformation Leader and Author. With contagious enthusiasm Silvia encourages everyone she meets to love their life! Her expert passion connects people to their own joyful potential. She has been teaching happiness, global awareness, & mindfulness for 20 years. Silvia, born in Ecuador, proud of her Italian heritage and raised as a world traveler, is a well-loved internationally recognized Motivational Speaker, Love Alchemist, and Mindfulness Teacher at conferences worldwide. Her classes holistically integrate various styles of yoga, primarily Vinyasa, Kundalini and Anusara. You can’t help but leave her workshops, RYT200 Alchemy of Yoga teacher trainings & Alchemy Tours retreats spiritually uplifted!

Before becoming a serial Entrepreneur, Silvia had a thirteen-year Human Resource career including as Director for an international Fortune 100 professional services company. She founded and owned Total Body Yoga Studio with over 9,000 clients for ten years. In young adulthood she was run over by a car—a life changing accident that led her to discover the “Alchemy” of Yoga and Meditation to heal and transcend. She is the Founder of the fifteen year old world renowned Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training School with over 29 graduating classes of Alchemist Alumni. In 2009 she founded Alchemy Tours, an International Retreat company specializing in Personal Development. With over 12,000 hours of yoga teaching experience she makes yoga approachable, fun and inspiring for everyone. She has been inspiring happiness, global awareness, and joyful living in students for more than fifteen years.

Tune into her motivational “Loving Your Day” Podcast. Read her popular blog “Happiness Prescriptions”, and learn to love yourself, love your day, love your life along with enjoying her “Loving Your Day” YouTube channel.

She has written hundreds of lifestyle, travel & wellness articles for publications such as MindBodyGreen (USA), Elephant Journal, DOYOU (Hong Kong), Wanderlust (USA), Mantra Wellness Magazine, Gaia, Yogi Times, Daily Cup of Yoga, and is a wellness expert as seen in HuffPost and Medium.

Most importantly through personal experience she knows it’s possible to transform your trauma to dharma and transmute your drama to dreams.


Cole has been a seeker all her life. It has brought her into the depths of addiction, to all corners of the world, and most importantly to the path of yoga. Through this practice, she has begun to understand, unravel, and explore the most fascinating of all landscapes….the inner one. There is always room to find more freedom and come closer to wholeness both on and off the mat; Cole’s teaching style reflects her desire to support her students discover on their own unique journey.

Cole has been practicing and teaching Thai Yoga Massage for a decade, is a 500-RYT, international retreat leader, passionate about teaching to the addiction recovery community, consistent in broadening her knowledge in Yoga and Buddhist philosophy, ravenous book nerd, croissant connoisseur, wanderlust junkie, and seeker of the full range of experience. Her philosophy is to live wide, love big, look deep, and ALWAYS leave room for possibilities!


Addiction is insidious and takes many forms with substance abuse being only one manifestation. Many find themselves suffering from toxic relationships, codependency, eating disorders, anxiety, perfectionism, undigested traumas….this list goes on and on.


Addiction is HARD WORK and all-consuming. Whether it’s alcohol or the brutal mind spin, it takes 110% of our energy to sustain that vicious wheel rolling. Luckily there are ways to transform that energy towards finding freedom and healing; to reorganize our patterns from destructive to productive.


Yoga means to yoke, to connect, to unify. It can help harmonize our lives and create balance in this ever-changing and challenging world. By moving stagnant energy, emotion, and trauma through our bodies, learning how to work with our nervous system through the breath, and getting curious about our minds through meditation and self-inquiry, we can begin to peel back the layers and truly create relationship with ourselves and the world as it is. No need to hide, fix, or run.

We can do hard things. Not only is sobriety possible, but I truly believe we can alchemize addiction, transform it from chaos into clarity, and live a life you’ve never dreamt possible.

Assistant Guides


Ferrah Seifert

I have always been drawn to encouraging others to see their full potential and have instilled this philosophy into my life’s work. I received my BA in Psychology at Western Washington University and over the past 10 years have worked in various areas of counseling; crisis lines, youth suicide prevention, yoga, sexual assault, and domestic violence advocacy. I was always so focused on others, yoga became my time to focus on me. Once I started to regularly attend classes, I noticed a dramatic enhancement of my self-esteem, happiness, and relationships.

I completed my RYT-200 instructor training with Alchemy Yoga in 2013 with the incredible happiness seeker, Silvia Mordini. My love of movement is revealed in every class, along with encouraging students to cut out all the distractions of life and bring their minds to stillness. I design each class to embody truth, simplicity and love to inspire students to let their light shine on and off of the mat.

Jennifer Bell

Hello and welcome! I'm Jennifer. My yoga journey started around the time I was 24 years old and working at my first post-college job at an advertising agency in Seattle, WA. I was only one year into my career and I was already feeling overwhelmed and a little burned out. A coworker-friend invited me to come to a Vinyasa class with her. I can't recall my exact thoughts, but I strongly remember how I felt after the class; vibrant, energized, and at peace in my mind! Over a few years of practice, yoga and meditation became vehicles for so many personal transformations. Steadily, while on my mat, many of my limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors were brought into the light so that I could work through them. My muscles got stronger; so did my confidence. Yoga taught me how to care for myself with compassion.

In 2016 I completed alchemy of yoga 200-hour Teacher Training in beautiful Costa Rica. Silvia's inspiring teachings, intuitive care, and thorough guidance were so empowering and impactful. Since then I've completed numerous trauma-informed yoga teacher training intensives that have opened my awareness to accessible and inclusive approaches to yoga, trauma, neuroscience, social justice, and addiction recovery. Believing even more deeply in the healing powers of yoga, I chose to shift my career in advertising and marketing to freelance work so I could dive into teaching yoga wholeheartedly. It's been a personally challenging and beautiful journey! My favorite part is holding space for other people – wherever they are at in life – to feel empowered to heal themselves.

Now contributing to alchemy of yoga's marketing efforts, I couldn't be happier and more grateful to serve the very program that shifted my life in the best way possible! 


Silvia Mordini

life changing

Healing Rituals


transformation begins now

I am ready to alchemize my life and create positive change!




HEARTFELT ADVICE: Silvia Mordini dives into key components of teacher training programs and the questions to ask yourself before selecting a program.

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